Charity Checks




Charity Checks are a hit with CEOs, celebrities and compassionate people in all walks of life. 

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“If Mother Teresa and Warren Buffet Had Collaborated on The Perfect Charity, They’d Have Come Up With Charity Checks”

- Bruce Miller, Philanthropist

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"I love that we can give the gift of giving to our vendors and volunteers who have been supporting us through-out the year."

– Bonnie Olson, Manager, Buena Vista Hospice Care



"A valuable new tool for personal or business philanthropy, Charity Checks' "giving certificates" allow consumers to shop from home, save on taxes and give a present that's redeemable as a donation to any of the IRS-qualified charities across the country."

- Lynne O’Rourke Hayes,


"It was like somebody handed me something I could do something nice with. I can't remember anything I got that year for Christmas, but I remember vividly this gift."

– Brooks Fisher, Vice President of Learning and Development, Intuit


"You can de-clutter the holidays and add meaning to them by simplifying and streamlining your giving with Charity Checks' Giving Certificates, good for any nonprofit. My clients last year loved them; many wrote or called with thank-yous to tell me which charities they helped."

– Maura Raffensperger, Owner, Organizational Rx Productivity Counseling


"My agents and I believe in giving back to the community and in saying thank you to those that have helped us achieve their success."

– Holly Worthington, Managing Director, Long & Foster Realtors, Washington, DC


"It’s a new channel for charitable giving. It’s the classic innovation: for virtually no economic cost, you cause an additional flow of involvement and dollars, all going to charities of people’s choice."

– Scott Cook, Co-Founder, Intuit

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"Charity Checks are a gift giving solution with heart. No wrapping, no drama, and no returns, and especially this year, we're looking for meaningful ways to express our love and appreciation."

– Leeza Gibbons, Host of Extra handed them out to her staff on television


"Giving Certificates are an environmentally friendly way of giving. You can give others gifts without a lot of wasteful wrapping and boxes. Instead you are giving them the gift of helping causes they care about. You can also give anonymously to the charities you care about without being put on mailing solicitation lists that waste valuable resources. But you still get a receipt for your tax records. In fact, Charity Checks give me just one receipt for lots of my charitable giving -- there is less paperwork." 

– Ed Begley, Jr., Actor