Charity Checks




The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, and Reader’s Digest have all said yes to Charity Checks. See excerpts below. All three networks have also covered the value of Charity Checks. 


USA Today

New-fashioned gifts abound

"Giving certificates - A good deal all around: The recipient chooses the charity (which receives the full face value) and the gift-giver gets the tax deduction."


Washington Post

Charitable Gift-Giving

"You'll have done the noble thing and protected your own sense of Zen by avoiding the mall - an apt way to spend this time of goodwill toward men (and women and animals and the ozone layer...)."


The Wall Street Journal

Charities Target Young Donors

"Many buyers are grandparents concerned about materialism who are purchasing checks for their grandchildren," says Lisa Sonne, who co-founded the Agoura Hills, Calif., group."


Reader's Digest

The Loveliest Gifts

"Executive Editor Jacob Young buys Charity Checks, which recipients sign over to a charity. 'So it goes to their favorite cause.'"