Charity Checks


Personal Giving Overview


Charity Checks for Personal Giving:

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Use them yourself or give them to friends and family

Give the Joy of Giving -- Charity Checks make a perfect gift for any occasion. When you give Giving Certificates as presents, your friends and loved ones choose their favorite causes and send Charity Checks directly to those charities they care about. You spread the spirit of giving, your money goes to worthy causes, and you enjoy the tax benefits of your donation.

Teach the Joy of Giving -- Charity Checks are the perfect tool for teaching the importance of charity to children or adults by letting them experience the satisfaction that comes from the act of giving.

Focus on Giving -- Charity Checks let you control your privacy when you give them directly to charities by allowing you to choose whether to give anonymously. Your name won't be added to any charity's mailing list unless you want it to be.

Donate Now, Give Later -- Charity Checks make your year-end accounting a lot easier. Giving Certificates are fully deductible (to the extent allowed by law) at the time of purchase, and all your charitable giving can be shown on a single receipt. Over the months, you can give Charity Checks to your favorite causes or to your friends.