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San Jose Mercury

Going Full Circle with non-profits

"The checks fit founder’s Jeff Bezos rule of success: An invention that allows people to do something they couldn’t before," Cook said.   

- Scott Cook Founder of Intuit


Los Angeles Times

Charity Checks Makes a Gift of Giving to Others

"In some cases, corporate executives, weary of costly and often under appreciated fruit or food baskets, have given their employees or clients a Charity Checks instead."


The Loop

Make your Gift Count with Charity Checks

"Charity Checks allows you to purchase a donation and then give it to a friend, family member or co-worker. The person you give it to decides which charity actually gets the money. To me, that makes a big difference. I’ve had people donate money to a charity on my behalf in the past, but it wouldn’t have been my choice. I appreciated the gesture, but having the ability to choose my own charity would have meant more to me.…While you may think of donations as being a personal gift, many companies are giving them to their employees as Christmas gifts."

- Jim Dalrymple